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Photo correction, Luke Marchant has a great SXSW Top 10 list on Twitter, Ruffini seems fed up with politics, Congrats to Courtney Sieloff and Luke Peterson on their new addition, Marion Barry is still the man, Ochocinco needs to ping Madden, Joe Plumber looks to unclog Congress, Newt naps, Clooney has a new love, Rep. Issa did an open unmoderated interview, President Obama dined on H Street, NE – thus killing its street cred, H Street hasn’t been this bama-mainstream since Tom Williams was allowed to stay there all night without getting his camera ripped off, the Twitter dashboard at the 29th Annual National Press Foundation Awards dinner was a hit, the 2012 FamousDC Media Ticket is right around the corner, has there ever been boxing at the American Legion on Capitol Hill?, we’re gearing up for another Hill Country BBQ party – go sign up for our email list to make sure that you’re on the list!, we hope Morgan is feeling better, what the heck is this?, what is CNN doing?, follow @FamousDC on Twitter, our last three followers include @BretBaier, @VernVaquer & @jdasome, [ask @Frates & he’ll tell you that we’re good Twitter-people] and party this weekend like it’s Daylight – Savings – Time.