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When FamousDC found out the Washington Wizards were hosting a Bloggers Suite Night, we knew we had to be a part of it. Going to a basketball game, tweeting to our hearts content, and enjoying good food and a beer or two is just about at the top of our list of favorite things to do. We must admit it has been a while since we enjoyed a game live, but in three simple words…

It. Was. Awesome.

When you watch the games on TV you tend to forget about all the crowd antics that go on during the timeouts and at halftime. There were dance contests, free T-shirt grabs, and for one special fan a chance to grab all the mula he could get his hands on in a plexiglass money chamber! It was so much fun the quarters flew by in seconds and before we knew it we had screamed and shouted our way to the final second of the fourth quarter. Although the Wizards put up a good fight and even took the lead a couple of times, they fell to the Magic 102-95. The loss was a bit disappointing, but made us even more determined to come back for another game and cheer even harder for the WIN!

Special shout out to the entire staff of the Wizards Promo Squad for hosting us! You guys were fab!

Above: Wizards Fan Chanelle Bonner enjoying the game

Famous DC thanks Ms. Kobe Bryant / @TamaraJeanette for checking out the game last night.