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Over the past few days, you can’t go anywhere without hearing about Rick Santorum’s sweater vests.

And it seems the GOP candidate has embraced the look: [via the Hill]

“I was at a speech two weeks ago and I just happened to wear a sweater-vest that day,” Santorum said of Mike Huckabee’s anti-abortion forum in Iowa. The V-neck, sleeveless sweaters are a signature sartorial choice for the Republican presidential candidate, and he noted on conservative Laura Ingraham’s radio show Monday that he tends to stand out when the rest of the candidates are wearing suits.

“That speech went over very, very well. If there was one event that really began the moment, it was that speech. And I think most people recognized that here, so all the sudden the sweater vest was like, ‘Fear the vest,’ ” Santorum told Ingraham.

Santorum has even taken advantage of the look on paid search.

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