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If you’re a male who lives in DC, there’s a good chance you need gift ideas for that special someone. Don’t worry, we’ve done the legwork for you.

First and foremost: a sparkly trinket is always a winner.  Go for something thoughtful and original. Incorporate her birthstone or favorite shape into pendants and charms.  If you’re buying real (i.e., pearls, diamonds, gems), go classic.  Timeless pieces will be worn for years to come.

Pamper her with a day at the spa.  Snag a gift certificate for a body scrub, massage, and facial.  This is especially nice for new moms.  Be sure to include a note that says YOU will take care of being/finding the babysitter while she’s indulging in a little “me” time.  Bonus points if you throw in a spa lunch or coffee date with her friends.

If you’re close enough that A, this isn’t your first holiday season together and B, giving her something from the grooming department will be considered a useful gift and not a thinly-veiled hint, check out the Clarisonic. Praised by all who own one, the Clarisonic cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates for a glowing complexion.  Snag the “Plus” model so she can also use it on her body.

Rebecca Minkoff’s The Armour Clutch is both fun and versatile.  She can tote it throughout the seasons — at a summer rooftop party as well as on New Year’s Eve.

Kate Spade zip-around Lacey wallets are pretty, practical, and tasteful.  I love them.

Tom’s Beaumont Skull Slip-Ons take fun weekend shoes to the next level.  Velvet-clad toes embroidered with a huge skull?  Yes please.

As for costume jewelry, stackable rings are all the rage right now.  Ariella Collection has feminine stackable rings in several vibrant colors.

A vintage statement piece necklace will go a long way to zip up her cardigan or blazer in two seconds flat.

You can never go wrong with Antrhopologie earrings.  The Zaftig Drops and Encircled Effulgence are my current favorites.

Upgrade her kitchen with cheerful tea towels by Skinny LaMinx or whimsical Amaryllis measuring cups or personalized upcycled cheese markers.

Brighten her mood and purify her air with a unique plant for her home or office.

A delicate handmade bird bowl for her nightstand or dresser.  Go the extra mile and suggest she leave it at your place so she doesn’t misplace her earrings during your, uh, sleepovers.

Marshmallow of the month club.  Handmade, original, and delicious.  Win.

Wrap her in something cozy — a cashmere scarf or slippers or mittens.

A gift certificate to a couple’s cooking class at CulinAerie.  Braising quail or kneading dough side-by-side has romance written all over it.

Today I Will by Jerry Spinelli.  A collection of quotes, promises, and writing prompts to engage and inspire the recipient.  Surprise her with this as the ball drops.

A handmade coupon book with “dinner and a movie on a school night” or “[your name here] does the dishes this week.”  Be creative with these: “good for one chick flick viewing without grumbling” or “two nights at a B&B on St. Michaels” or “pancakes on a Tuesday morning.”  Make good on that long-promised foot rub.

Take her car for a detailed wash and wax.  It’s not something she’s likely to splurge on herself.  Everyone likes a clean car.

Lastly, send flowers to her parents.  It’s an unexpected gesture, and it will be remembered.