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As a 27 yr old, straight female – I already feel guilty enough when I check out a hot guy and then look down to see his intern badge of honor hanging from his pleated pants. So you can only imagine how distraught I was as I watched a video of Mariah the Mama Cougar strut her “stuff” for Baby Cub Biebs!

I continue to give props to Mrs. Nick Cannon for the greatest Christmas song of all time….but seriously?! Who thinks a 41 year-old married woman should be humping a wall in a slutty Santa get up in front of 17 year-old boy? What if Selena Gomez was the object of Bret Michaels affection (oh wait, I guess Rock of Love wasn’t too far off…)

mariah - Justin Bieber

Anyway…for those of you watching on taxpayer funded computers, I’m sure you agree: all I want for Christmas is adjournment before the 23rd.

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