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On Saturday night, FamousDC was invited to hear the DC based band Fear of Virginia play at DC’s Rock & Roll Hotel.

Before the show we had the opportunity to sit down with some members of the group and hear about their humble beginnings:

During the week, these rockers seem like a typical group of young DC professionals spending nine to five working on the Hill, in PR, policy circles, and studying at American University. But as soon as 5:00 hits every Friday, the six-some comes together to kick off their shoes and pursue their true passion of creating music together.

New to the DC music scene, the group began jamming together in the winter of 2010, using Dave’s group house as their rehearsal space. Sometime in January, the group decided to become a band, throwing a party to play for a large group of friends and community supporters.

Since January the group has developed a loyal support base and is making a splash in the DC music scene, playing at local venue favorites such as DC9, Wonderland, and now at R&R Hotel. Drummer, Sam, recalls a time that he once snuck past security to go backstage at R&R and meet is favorite band. As we talked with the band, they reflected on how excited they were to be playing at a venue where they’ve been to so many other great shows. “It’s so awesome to be back here now and actually be the band, not just the guy sneaking past security,” said Sam.

As soon as they hit the stage, the room filled up with excited fans. Fear of Virginia has a great soulful sound with a southern rock feeling that includes a rocking electric guitar along with keyboard and violin. Sam on drums and Dave on bass attribute their stellar rhythm to the fact that they have been playing together since they were in high school.

All in all, it was a great show. When asked what they are most excited about for fall, the group said football, foliage, cool weather, and the chance to play at the Fall Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie Fest on October 8th. The festival will showcase over 80 local bands, so we definitely want to check it out.

For more info about shows, check out www.fearofvirginia.com.

Some pics snapped at the R&R Hotel Show: