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In light of the coming end of days this weekend, FamousDC reached out to Rachel Racusen, Director of Public Affairs for FEMA, for how we should prepare ourselves. According to Racusen:

Everyone along the East Coast, including DC, should be taking this storm seriously and preparing now. Visit www.ready.gov for tips on how to prepare your home, family or business. And remember that information about evacuation orders and other public safety info comes from your state and local officials, so listen to them and follow their instructions over the next few days. Twitter folks can also follow @craigatfema or @fema for key updates on federal efforts to prepare.

We also made an emergency prepared list ourselves:

Camera to take pics of DC Parking Police giving tickets during Hurricane.
Hurricane Mix (obvi)
Goggles and an inflatable swan
A photo of Vincent Gray so you can prove he existed after he goes MIA after the hurricane
Duct tape. Because.
Oh and a Redskins hat. So the DCPD will save you if you are in trouble
Jim Cantore Tracker iPad App
From the Hurricane Mix
For the Hurricane Mix
“What Will Blitzer Say About Us?” Drinking Game
Surfboard to ride the Potomac’s 100-year-storm waves, like Swayze at the end of Point Break

Earthquake…hurricane…locusts? FamousDC doesn’t know what’s next but hope this has helped. Thanks to all who submitted ideas and Rachel Racusen for her insider storm know-how.