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FamousDC wasn’t sure what to expect when we heard about an event thrown by DC Metro Media called Motors in Morocco. All we knew was a bunch of foreign car enthusiasts were participating in a caravan from Tyson’s Corner to Marrakesh restaurant in Washington D.C. What we saw upon our arrival to the spot light filled, music blaring, parking lot of Marrakesh it blew our minds.

Every once in a while you will see a foreign car cruising the streets of D.C., but having so many different types of cars all together in one place was out of this world. There were Maserati’s, Ferrari’s, Lamborghini Murcielago’s, and every other car crashed by James Bond. The crowd was a vibrant mix of men and women all proudly displaying their luxury vehicles. After about a half an hour of mingling, everyone was called into the restaurant for a feast fit for royalty. Walking through the restaurant to a special VIP room was like taking a trip to Morocco. The restaurant staff welcomed us as if we were a part of their families and served us a 7 course meal that was pure heaven. During the meal all of the guests were entertained by an expertly trained belly dancer that would put pop artist Shakira to shame!

Marrakesh is one exotic dining experience that definitely should not be overlooked. Before the night even ended everyone was already talking about what cars would participate in next year’s event. FamousdC for one cannot wait to take part in such a fun and luxurious event. Now, if only we can afford to buy the new Porsche Panamera Turbo S by this time next year… only have $100,000 to go!

FamousDC would like to thank our car correspondent Tamara J. If you want to see more car pics from Friday night, check out Marrakesh’s website.