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Welcome to a new FamousDC feature called, “Intern It Down” where we post regular intern updates from across the district.

Today’s installment was written by a guest contributor that we’ll call: “DC Wife Snake”

FamousDC Presents….Romeo Redo: Interns at it Again

A few years ago, a friend of mine found herself going against her
instincts and as an LA, wound up “involved” with a staff assistant.
Now, in a place like the Hill, there aren’t too many hard and fast
rules about inter-hierarchy dating, however, for a female LA to date a male
staff assistant is unusual, but not unheard of. They hung
out a few times, emailed during the day, but that remained the extent
of their digital communication. Back then, not every staff assistant
was handed a blackberry on their first day in the real world, so she
thought nothing of his lack of emailing after hours. She had met the
staffer through one of his coworkers, who she also dated for a brief
stint, so she thought nothing of it…

From time to time, odd things started occurring. When she tried to
email him on his work account and it didn’t go through, he suggested
she contact him via gmail. But again, nothing new on the hill. Then,
one night, he pulled out a blackberry. Odd that she hadn’t seen him
use it before, but again, she thought very little of it. In fact, it
was broken and he complained about it, so it must be giving him some
problems, right? In this town, a guy who has a tough time with
technology is about the least-creepy deal breaker you’ll come across.
Their summer romance continued, nothing very serious, but small things
kept happening to make my friend rather suspicious… Finally, he told
her he had to go “Work in the District” for a while. He tried to call
her a few times to get together for a “going away” of sorts. But it
was too late for that, the timing of his departure was the missing
piece to the mental puzzle, and she put it all together.

As it turned out, the staff assistant who seemed keen for summer
romance was actually an intern. Lying about his status in the office,
convincing his coworker to help him lie, stealing a broken blackberry
from the office to use as “evidence” of gainful employment. But when
the rest of the interns started heading back to school for the fall,
and he so happened to leave at the same time, she knew the truth. The
cold hard, intern truth. But alas, before he left, she ended things
in a simple, dignified way, with a text that said “Good luck in
school”… and she never heard back.

Stealing a blackberry from the office where you intern is really
pathetic, but in her defense, at least she didn’t fall for someone
proudly displaying his intern badge?

FamousDC wants to thank DC Wife Snake for the wild accounts of the Capitol’s interns.

Do you know someone who interns too hard? We’d love to know how you got them to In-tern it down a notch. So let us know, we’d love to hear about them, and share their lessons with the world. Don’t be shy: [email protected]

And remember interns, stay classy.