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Our DC Dream App finalist is famous. Alex Becker, the Huffington Post intern and proud owner of a FamousDC t-shirt, was featured in HuffPost Hill on Friday for bringing a good name to DC interns everywhere:

In an effort to rebut claims of fashion dysfunction in the nation’s capital, HuffPost intern Alex Becker pitched the first DC Intern Fashion-Fail Detector app in staging.famousdc.com’s DC Dream App contest. Becker: “The app, which would include instructional diagrams explaining how to dress for every possible DC function, should be a mandatory addition to the phones carried by hoards of fresh-faced, ill-dressed interns descending on Capitol Hill each summer.” Looks like something good CAN come out of bare midriffs and exposed crew-neck undershirts after all. Becker won a FamousDC t-shirt, which he has been instructed not to wear to his next black tie event. [FamousDC Dream App Contest]

Stay tuned for a Famous 5 with our new favorite  intern.