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Complaining about the heat? Not us at FamousDC.

In fact we’ve got our top ten reasons to love this weather:

1.       You don’t have to iron your shirt – sleep in five extra minutes.

2.       No undershirt is acceptable, even encouraged – less laundry.

3.       No reason to hit the sauna and have the awkward run in with the old guy from the office next door that you never know the name of – just walk outside and sweat it out.

4.       Amp up your twitter followers by ranting about the heat – tweep solidarity.

5.       Less clothing for both boys and girls – just keep an eye on the interns.

6.       Penny loafers with no socks are finally acceptable in your backyard.

7.       Axe body spray is encouraged for the very first time.

8.       Get a tan without even having to sit in the sun.

9.       No reason to fight about it, Republicans and Democrats can both agree on lowering the heat index.

10.   And finally, all of DC is united together – and we’re not just ranting about Dan Snyder.

Heat unites DC. What other great things do you love about this heat?