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Winner Update:

Congratulations to Alex Becker on winning the very first FamousDC t-shirt for the DC Intern Fashion-Fail Detector app. We think it would be a mandatory download for all the hill interns.

Read through descriptions for the top picks for the DC Dream App contest and vote for your favorite. Remember, the stakes are high, winner receives the very first FamousDC T-shirt.

Photo Op Finder –  So u can see where people are taking pictures and avoid the spots [and avoid being tagged in random tourist Facebook albums].

Autotune Conference Call – Does this really need an explanation?

The DC Intern Fashion-Fail Detector – Clothes made for a frat party out of place in the halls of power? Never again!

FeedDC4Free  – tracks free lunch briefings & receptions on the Hill. Bonus if it tells which R Chick-Fil-A!

Umbrella Decider – program with your commute and risk preference that would tell you whether or not to carry an umbrella for the rest of the day.

Essential or Non-essential – notifies you of your status in time of a shutdown.

Safe Driver – removes all cars with MD and diplomat plates from the road.