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Tourists in your way, can’t find a happy hour? Ever wish you had an app for that? Or better yet, a FamousDC T-Shirt?

Well here’s your chance for both. Win the first FamousDC  t-shirt by submitting your ideas to our DC Dream App Contest. Here’s just a few (hilarious) app ideas that have come in from our readers:

Broken escalator finder – do we have to explain this?

Crosswalk light timer – tell you to speed up or slow down in order to make the next light just right.

Tour bus locator – find out quickly where you don’t want to be.

Fixie Finder – take a pic of a “fixie” and get feedback on year, make and model so you can be cool with your hipster friends.

Boss Locator – He’s in a cab on his way back, but how far away is he exactly?  Can you sneak another 15 minutes of fantasy football research before he gets back.

Stinky Cab Index – app that relies on those taking cabs to “tag the cab” as stinky so others with the app know not to get in.

Albert Haynesworth Trade finder – helps find someone to take Haynesworth.

DC Food Truck Tracker – Real time food truck finder.

Tennis Shoe Swapper – this app let’s guys on the metro see what that hot chick would look like in heels instead of her frumpy tennis shoes she wears into work.

Suit Swapper – this app lets women see what a single guy would look like if he actually had a woman to dress him.

Manhole lid tracker – get real time updates on the location of recent manhole explosions that send their 75 lbs lids 200 feet in the air.

Vineyard Vine Meet up – Need to find someone in pink shorts with fish on them to hang out with quickly?  Vineyard Vine Meet up app solves your problem.

Autotune Conference call App – Does this really need an explanation?

The DC Intern Fashion-Fail Detector – Clothes made for a frat party out of place in the halls of power? Never again!

Upgrade to The DC Intern Fashion-Fail Detector PRO – app will analyze pictures of your planned wardrobe and rate them on a scale of 0 to Seersucker Thursday.

FeedDC4Free – tracks free lunch briefings & receptions on the Hill. Bonus if it tells which R Chick-Fil-A!

“Walk Left or Stand Right!” – You know, for when the escalators on the metro are working.

Keep ’em coming! Submit the name of your app with a quick description by mentioning @FamousDC and using the hashtag #DCApp on twitter or email [email protected].

We’ll pick the top submissions and let you vote for the winner on Wednesday. The winner will receive the very first FamousDC t-shirt! So fresh.