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We’re not sure how the debt debate will turn out, but if last night was any indication, things don’t look good for Republicans.

Last night Roll Call pulled off another successful baseball game at Nationals stadium. The Weiner-less Democrats crushed the Republicans by a score of 8 to 2. [via Meredith Shiner]

On Thursday night at Nationals Park, there was no bitterness. There was no bickering over the national debt. There wasn’t even the typical July Beltway heat or humidity.

On a made-to-order evening for baseball in the nation’s capital, there was only the game.

Democrats dominated the Republicans, 8-2, in the 50th Annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game, but for just a moment lawmakers got to escape the divisive debate over how to raise the nation’s debt ceiling and instead enjoy its pastime.

Photo credit: Heather Coddington.

Pictured: Peter Stegner and Heather Coddington