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It appears that not only can lobbyists not get on the guest list at the White House anymore, but they are sweating through their pinstripe suits in preparation for the Congressional Hockey Challenge game – a game played between DC lobbyists and Congressional lawmakers and staff this Thursday at 5:45 pm. Proceeds from the event benefit the Fort Dupont Ice Hockey Club and the Fort DuPont Ice Arena, D.C.’s only public indoor ice rink.

According to multiple sources, the upcoming game has the lobbyists shaking in their Gucci loafers as a slew of new talent on the lawmaker side threatens to put a stop to the private sector winning streak.

Whether a new Republican majority in the House had anything to do with the influx of talent, or if the lobbyists just got too old, remains unclear.

“I just can’t imagine a team winning with guys like UPS’ Nick Lewis and Kimbell and Associates’ Jeff Kimbell,” said John Goodwin, new Chief of Staff for Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID). “At least Zoolander could turn right – those guys can’t turn in any direction without running into each other or falling. Plus, they couldn’t pass a cold drink, let alone the puck.”

Rep. Charles Bass’ new Chief of Staff, John Billings, an anchor on defense for the Lawmakers’ Team, concurred with Goodwin’s assessment.

Lewis, asked to return comment, replied tersely in an email that HHS should impose weight limits for new Congressional staff.

The Congressional Hockey Challenge will hold its third annual match on Thursday, March 10th, with the likes of Senator John Kerry (D-MA) and a host of Representatives skating against the lobbyists. A $10 suggested donation at the Verizon Center front door will benefit the award-winning Fort Dupont Ice Hockey Club and the Fort DuPont Ice Arena in Anacostia.

Below is a full list of the lawmaker team.  Go here for a full list of the lobbyists.

U.S. Senator John Kerry (D-MA) – 01 – Forward / Right Wing
U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner – 22 – Goalie
U.S. Congressman Brian Higgins – 27 – Forward / Left Wing
U.S. Congressman Mike Quigley – 05 – Forward / Right Wing
U.S. Congressman Larry Bucshon – 08 – Forward
U.S. Congressman Pat Meehan – 07 – Forward / Left Wing
John Billings – 00 – Defense – Rep. Charles Bass
Joel Brubaker – 44 – Defense – Rep. Shelley Moore Capito
Jeff Burton – 33 – Center / Left Wing – NRCC
Brad Dayspring – 02 – Defense – Rep. Eric Cantor
Bob Fischer – 64 – Defense – House Democratic Cloakroom
John Goodwin – 37 – Forward – Rep. Raul Labrador
Steve Hedger – 01 – Goalie –Senator Claire McCaskill
Stephen Kraly – 21 – Defense – Rep. Paul Broun
Gerrit Lansing – 16 – Center – Rep. Peter Roskam
Tory Mazzola – 24 – Defense – NRCC
Jeff “Big Mac” McEvoy – 03 – Forward – U.S. Senate SSA
Andrew Mills – 00 – Forward –Senator Richard Luagr
Jon Oehmen – 16 – Center – Rep. John Sullivan
Tim Regan – 09 – Forward – Clerk of the House of Representatives
Tim Sheehan – 05 – Forward – House Rules Committee
Jack Way – 17 – Defense – DHS

Happier Days on the Lobbyist Team – victorious in 2010.

Rep.’s Anthony Weiner (background, blue jersey) and Brian Higgins (Right, white helmet) play with House Staffer Tim Regan in 2010’s Congressional Hockey Challenge.

Fox News Channel’s Griff Jenkins interviews Senator John Kerry at the 2009 game.

Rep. Brian Higgins defends against Lobbyist John Goodwin in 2009’s game. Clever signs are encouraged.