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We were pleasantly surprised when we checked our inbox and saw that FamousDC was invited to an exclusive, champagne soiree featuring Moet’s Nectar Imperial Rosé. For those unfamiliar with Moet, it is the stuff that B.I.G sips at the back of the club, naturally.

The party was hosted on the rooftop of the Hotel Liason at Capitol Hill.  Rooftop party + Moet? Would one of our nights resemble a late 90’s rap video? Well yes, as a matter of fact, it sort of did.

There was a DJ spinning some solid tunes, excellent food and an amazing crowd. Most importantly, there were two bars that were pouring an endless supply of Moet’s Rose and Brut Imperial. There really isn’t much more to say than we understand why this stuff makes appearances in every rap video from Snoop to Wale.  Although we are a far cry from the reviewers at Wine Spectator, we give Moet a top-notch rating.  Moet, whether drank out of a champagne glass or mixed with ice, is the perfect way to end a hot day in D.C.

Amidst the bottles popping and people grooving, we sat down with Keith Howard, Senior Brand Manager for Moet, who gave us the lowdown on some of the events Moet is putting on, like sponsoring the Oscars. From talking to him, we are certain he has one of the best jobs in America, and he got it without having to “put in his dues” giving Capitol Tours!

Thanks to Keith and Moet for putting on such a stellar event. You guys have managed to raise the bar for the free D.C reception. Note to trade associations: just because it is a widely attended event, doesn’t mean you have to serve Andre’s.

The party was still raging as we made our exit. After a champagne fueled walk home, we reached in the fridge and grabbed one of the roommate’s Miller High Lifes. Although it may be dubbed “The Champagne of Beers”, it is obvious that their marketing team wasn’t talking about Moet.