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We’re fine with this. [we could use a break]

President Obama will be handed the power to shut down the Internet for at least four months without Congressional oversight if the Senate votes for the infamous Internet ‘kill switch’ bill, which was approved by a key Senate committee yesterday and now moves to the floor.

Al Gore is hoping this happens sooner than later.

UPDATE:A loyal FamousDC reader pointed out a post from TPM DC and included a quick note:

This bill does not include a “kill switch.”  Nothing in the legislation allows for a government takeover of private sector networks, portions of the internet, specific websites, search engines, or software firms.

We thank the FamousDC fan for sending over the note and the TPM link.

This is slightly off topic, but we also willing to bet $50 that Senator Lieberman could take Declan McCullagh in arm-wrestling.

Joe Lieberman And The Myth of The Internet Kill Switch

It’s no secret that Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) isn’t the most popular guy in the Senate, or that his rather conservative positions on national security have left many people suspicious of his motives when it comes to national security legislation. So it should have come as no surprise when CNET chief political correspondent Declan McCullagh wrote that Lieberman intended to give the President the power of an “Internet kill switch” in the event of a national emergency — and sparked an uproar.

We’re bummed to hear that this doesn’t actually exist – but luckily hover boards do. [cool]