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Two-step Tom is not messing around.  With some help from NJI Media Group , DeLay has already launched a fan site and is looking for your support.

On a side note, Spencer Garrett, the man playing DeLay in the upcoming movie Casino Jack has nothing but nice things to say about DeLay:

It’s ‘Hammer’ time! Priceless. Where but in America, the land of opportunity, can one go from being an exterminator in Texas, to the most powerful man in the House or Representatives….to…a reality TV show? They called him "The Hammer" on the Hill. Let’s hope he leaves his hammer in the green room or Donny Osmond will clean his cha cha!

Seriously- he’s proven to be a tough and resilient character. If he’s as tenacious on the dance floor as he was on the House floor I have no doubt he will do quite well.  [politico]

Perhaps this will turn out to be a great move by DeLay. We shall see…