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Finally, you can stop hitting refresh on the Hill’s website – the 50 Most Beautiful people on the planet Capitol Hill is finally LIVE! [thank you, baby Jesus]

And for those of you who thought you had it rough in Spokane where guys sport camouflage and North Face jackets to black tie events – let it be known, that you’re doing just fine.

Note: Left off the list for the 12th consecutive year, Ralph Nader.

High lights include:

Denis Fleming Jr., who “credits his good looks to Dial soap, genes and “lots of CVS moisturizer!” [Note: Flem is single ]

Lance Chester, who joked “that her family was “from a long line of bootleggers and moonshiners.” [NASCAR voters ]

Megan Hendricksen, who came to DC via LA because she was looking for “a little more substance.” [you sure about that one?]

Arthur Salomon, who works in the Dirksen cafeteria, and proudly boasts that “he knows nothing about food.” [wrap time ]

The strangest quote came from Valerie Delp who said, “I’m pretty low-maintenance,” she says. “I don’t have much time for beauty secrets or to go to the movies.” What can be more low-maintenance than a movie? [nothing ]

Our favorite has to be Brianna Keilar: “Ah, but do you know Keilar? You might not, considering that, despite her famous-for-D.C . status, she maintains a fairly low profile.” As low profile as you can be considering you’re CNN’s hottest new congressional correspondent. [heat ]

To see the entire list that made Kay Gerard, Ryan Mann and Cristina Antelo overnight FamousDC, click here.

To follow the action on twitter – use the #CapHill50 hashtag .