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UPDATE: CNN producers loved this story so much, they lined up an interview with Max Motor owner Mark Muller.

Some of our favorite lines from the interview:

“The only 9-11 call I need is chambering a round.”

“You don’t have a problem with God do you?”

When asked, “what would Jesus do – would he carry a gun?”
Muller responded very bluntly: “No, they didn’t have guns back then, but I do believe he’d carry a sword if he needed it.”

We wonder who this guy might vote for next year….

Need a little incentive to buy a new car?  Well, if you live in Butler, Missouri you might just be in luck.

Those purchasing a vehicle at Max Motors in Missouri will receive an AK-47 assault rifle with their purchase during the month of August.  [Makes total sense]

Before you get bent out of shape, don’t worry, Max Motors claims that customers can use the gun voucher to purchase something other than an AK-47.

This year’s promotion is guns only, though Muller said customers can spend the voucher on a less expensive model, like a hunting rifle…

Or perhaps a few hand grenades or a rocket launcher…

God Bless the Midwest.