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So long as members of his party continue to take trips to Argentina, some experts believe that Republican Rep. Eric Cantor might just have a chance in 2012.

Cantor, who boasts one of the most seasoned staffs on Capitol Hill, recently shelled out some cash money for a few speech lessons.  [horse race]

The No. 2 House GOP leader paid $7,697.25 for the services of ace speaking coaches Roy and Jeanette Henderson — more specifically, one of the husband-wife team’s Podium Master seminars.

Although when asked as to why he might be polishing up his oratory skills, Cantor’s veteran press flack Brad Dayspring didn’t show his hand – but did launch a broadside at Obama.

"Considering that poll after poll reveals that Americans rank their fear of speaking greater than that of death, it seems like common sense to get professional advice and practice for someone who averages more than 10 speeches a week," Dayspring said, before adding a dig at the president. "Plus, unlike some, he’ll never have to worry about the teleprompter collapsing from overuse," he quipped.

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