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When meeting a soon-to-be member of Congress, it’s generally a good idea to be wearing pants – unless of course your name is Matt Lira and you work for Rep. Eric Cantor.

Matt Lira, the guru for Republican Whip Cantor, likely didn’t wake up earlier this week figuring he’d read a Roll Call story that started like this:

GOP staffer Matt Lira was completely naked the first time he met Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas).

Don’t worry, it’s not as bizarre as you think.

Of course, Lira, who is now 27, was a newborn at the time, and Burgess was the obstetrician delivering him, so it wasn’t awkward or anything.

Note: The article assumes that he wasn’t born fully clothed – which is odd.

Today’s HOH hit comes one day after Lira enjoyed a full page spread in Roll Call’s "Hill Climber" section. [Get this man a publicist]