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Only in America:

The Republican Leader of the US House golfs with Tiger Woods
Jessica Simpson sings the National Anthem
DC fans boo Tony Romo

DC Sports Blog: Redskins, Tiger Woods and Jessica Simpson

[Boehner, by the way, swings right-handed but putts left-handed, with his body facing the hole. It’s bizarre.]

Some wise soul managed to write "Go Redskins" in Romo’s yardage book, which was one of the better moments of the day. The best, though, was the guy in the Art Monk hat standing directly behind Romo on the 7th tee. "Hit it like it’s December," the guy said. That guy deserves an award. So does the guy following them around for nine holes wearing the "Dallas Sucks" t-shirt.

More pics, here.

h/t to the tipster that sent over the photo