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It looks like Roy Blunt might have himself a pretty formidable opponent in his bid to capture a Missouri Senate seat.

Transgender political activist Midge Potts says she’ll attempt to run for U.S. Senate under the Progressive Party banner.

Potts, who ran against Roy Blunt in the GOP 7th District primary in 2006, says she’ll make an official announcement Thursday. The Progressive Party currently doesn’t have ballot status, so she’ll need 10,000 verified signatures.  [over/under on this not happening?]

Issues that will play an integral part of Midge’s platform include: [but are certainly not limited to]

1. Withdrawing all US troops from the Middle East [creative]
2. Balancing the federal budget [easy]
3. Abolishing the IRS [realistic]
4. Making it legal for American farmers to grow hemp and marijuana [game changer]

When asked how much money she had in her campaign bank account, her response, "five dollars." [brutally honest]

Pots is set to kick off her campaign at the Magic Bean Coffee House in Springfield, MO.

Watch the video here .  [worth it]