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The Roll Call Congressional baseball game is tonight, which only means one thing — attendance at Nat’s stadium is set to double.

The Congressional Baseball Game — the 48th annual Roll Call game is set to be played tonight at Nationals Park — was born in 1909 with Rep. John Tener (R-Pa.), an immigrant from Ireland. Tener was a hurler for the Chicago White Stockings in the late 1880s. Refusing to bid his baseball days farewell even after he entered Congress, he organized a pickup game between the Democrats and the Republicans at American League Park, then located at the corner of Florida Avenue and Trinidad Avenue Northeast.  [prune league]

Also inevitable:  Nancy Pelosi will show up in the 2nd inning, make her way to the dugout area, start some bizarre chant about wanting another "first down," sign a few autographs and then leave well before the game is over.