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This will make Ryan Grim’s day…  [wait for the 2:09 mark]

From C-SPAN’s coverage of the U.S. House floor this morning, during floor debate on regulating tobacco products.

Rep. Steve Buyer (R-IN): "Too often we should be careful about being cute here on the House floor. So cute means the reference with regard to lettuce. So I’ll follow your logic. Do you realize if you were to take that lettuce, dry it, and roll it, and smoke it. And you go ahead and you smoke your lettuce. Do you realize that you are going to end up with similar problems than if you were smoking tobaccco. It’s not the nicotine that kills. It’s the smoke that kills. So It’s the inhalation of the smoke. That’s what causes and is responsible for the pandemic of cancers, of heart disease, respiratory disease, and other disease. It’s the smoke."

If you plan on lunching at the Longworth Cafeteria today, please note you might experience longer lines at the salad bar.

h/t the CSPAN crew – who’s always there once the smoke clears.