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Gov. Huckabee, who’s spends a lot of time on Facebook [or his staff does], is urging people to “friend” VA gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell on Facebook.

Bob McDonnell sits at 6,483 fans now on Facebook. He added over 1500 yesterday. Please find 3 friends who are Republicans and have not yet become a fan of Bob McDonnell and ask them to do so today. My goal is to get him over 7,500 today if possible.

Which begs the question: Is there an arbitrary friend total that politicians shoot for in order to guarantee a win on election day?  If so, it’s clearly more than 4500 because that’s how many Terry McAuliffe had and that wasn’t even close to enough.

Not to mention, if a politician does hit that magic "friend" number [let’s call it 20,000], but 90% of them are ineligible to vote for the said candidate due to geographical circumstance, what’s the point of padding the numbers?