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Apparently not even what Pelosi knew or when she knew it (old news), or how badly POTUS was heckled by the ghost of Touchdown Jesus, himself, could keep WaPost readers from just NEEDING TO KNOW: how do astronauts pee in space? (Hint: it’s a series of tubes)

Seriously, that’s the Post’s "most read" story today, according to their handy home page. Apart from our astonishment that America still has a space program (and the NHL, it turns out… who knew?), we were more than a little bewildered that the Post and its readers gobbled up a question that we thought was firmly settled in third grade science class.

We also find it ironic that, as the Post was providing "full length" coverage of whatever it is that the real Bruce Willis’ and Steve Buscemi’s do in outer space, the best angle CNN could find on America’s space program was that one of our astronauts actually once flew — wait for it — regular airplanes !!!