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David Axelrod is a genius…and not just because of his stache.  By convincing Obama to choose Joe Biden as his Vice President, he ensured that no matter what his already-oratorically-gifted boss says, Biden will always make him look good in comparison.  [dog days]

Here’s Biden’s latest gem, this one at the expense of the First Pooch:

Asked by a youngster if he had ever petted a dog, Biden said yes and that his dog, Champ , was the "smartest, coolest dog in the world," according to a blog post at the Christian Science Monitor.

"My dog is smarter than Bo, his dog," Biden jabbed.

Crazy Uncle Joe’s latest gaffe isn’t exactly a show-stopper , but combined with this , he’s on pace to set a new monthly record.

We at Famous DC are Biden fans, and hope he keeps up the good work. He says what’s on his mind (or in some cases, others’ minds), and he keeps it real while POTUS keeps it cool. Here’s to you, Joe, the best thing to come out of Delaware since Valerie Bertinelli [sensible dinner ].