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Staffers aren’t the only ones fired up about the escalating food prices at the Congressional cafeterias. According to CQ, Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz has a beef with the CAO.

Bennett Roth: Wasserman Schultz Finds Prices at House’s Cafeterias Difficult to Swallow

Staff and members are “paying some outrageous prices for food here,” Wasserman Schultz told Daniel P. Beard, chief administrative officer for the House, who oversees the cafeteria contracts.

At a Wednesday hearing of the Appropriations Legislative Branch Subcommittee, which she chairs, the Florida Democrat griped that food prices were shooting up too fast at the eateries run by the House of Representatives.

As for the CAO’s response — when in doubt, blame the unions.

[Dan] Beard said that food prices have escalated in recent years, in part because the House imposed demands on its vendor, Restaurant Associates, such as requiring all-natural foods and a union staff.

Not that the $12 buffalo chicken wrap isn’t worth it, but when you’re trying to balance food and booze on $25K a year, it gets tough.

Not only does Mr. Roth get the headline of the week award, he’s finally given the Hill Staffers United Against Restaurant Associates a reason to update their Facebook group.

"Wasserman Schultz noted that the average check for House diners went up 31 percent between 2007 and the end of 2008. In particular, she noted the $6.25 price tag on a Reuben — a sandwich that costs $4.75 at Star Deli in New York City, she said."

While we’re on her team, we’re also skeptical of a deli that’ll give you a Reuben for under $5. We’re thinking this is it. Why? It’s only 9 blocks from this guy’s office. Note to Bill: don’t try the liverwurst.

In any case, hill staffers have an elected spokesman in Wasserman Schultz to carry the torch for overpriced fro-yo and the "Asian Day" buffet. The only question left to beg: Will CAO Spokesman Jeff Ventura retaliate against a Member of Congress?

Perhaps he can dust off this gem of a quote given to Roll Call last October :

“I’m going to start a Facebook group, too, titled: ‘People Who Haven’t Been to a Grocery Store in the Last Year,’” he said. “Or maybe, ‘People Who Haven’t Heard of the Consumer Price Index.’ I mean, really.”

It looks like "Stop the Price Hike " lives to fight another day.

**Remember, if you’re broke, Oprah has you covered .