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Our good friend Not Larry Sabato, along with The Huffington Post, Fire Dog Lake and the Collegiate Times are teaming up together to host the first ever netroots Gubernatorial debate.

We are teaming up for the first ever Gubernatorial debate sponsored by the netroots in history!  Creigh Deeds, Terry McAuliffe and Brian Moran have all confirmed their participation and accepted this historic event.

All the candidate questions will be user-generated, unlike past debates that pretended to entertain user-generated questions.  Questions can be submitted via a new technology called “Twitter” as well as Youtube and open threads on participating blogs.

Unfortunately, you may not submit questions via smoke signal, fax or in person – like they used to do in the old days.  Also, while actual attendance isn’t necessarily discouraged, we have been told that at home participation via an avatar and your favorite pair of jammies is definitely preferable. [they like to keep it virtual]

Following the debate, Fire Dog Lake will host a lock-in that will feature a Dungeons and Dragons tournament and spiked punch.

Our question to the candidates:

Singer John Mayer has eluded that he might one day might run for office.  He also happens to be a very influential Twitterer. [proof is in the fact that his really hot girlfriend just broke up with him because of it] If you’re elected Governor of Virgina, do you promise to Twitter [without the help of staff] and will you wear this while you do so?

Good luck and congrats to all the blogs for this first of a kind netroots debate.