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We’re exhausted.  Great match ups.  More to come later…

@bdayspring vs. @sorendayton

WINNER: @sorendayton

@straylightrise’s kiss of death endorsement of @bdayspring worked its magic. Maybe because Mr. Dayspring was still recovering from last night’s presser. Meanwhile, @sorendayton was ready to go toe to toe . He racked up tons of endorsements, but scared us with the latest from NMS World HQ.

@notlarrysabato vs. @mkhammer

WINNER: @mkhammer

We can’t say enough good things about this match. @notlarrysabato and @mkhammer simply provided one of the best shows of the competition.

@notlarrysabato attended the Washington, D.C. Studios Stunt Show, and live tweeted with some great advice for both guys and girls . But alas, being a spectator wasn’t enough for the hammer, and she decided to take matters into her own hands by creating an incredible Exploding Peep Show complete with spectators and a police rubber duckie. Not to be outdone, @notlarrysabato countered with some top-notch photoshop work. We hate to see either of these folks go, and we don’t have the heart to kick either of them out, but we had to.   In the end, @mkhammer won on the strength of her creativity and Twit endorsements.  @notlarrysabato – we are still HUGE fans.

WINNER: @KatieFavazza

Another close one carried out with respect , which included some serious moral discussions. On the lighter side, @katiefavazza finally got it . This one could have gone either way, but we’re a little worried about @lizmair’s safety , so we’re gonna take her out of the competition. That should make things interesting around the office.

@newtgingrich vs. @AlbrightDC

WINNER: @albrightDC

Ride Sally Ride out worked most everyone in the competition by over using the #FDC hashtag nearly 34,000 times .  When it was all said and done, this competition went to the dogs .

PS: A shirtless Obama helped too.  Talking about Soren’s "rear-guard " – did not.

@seanhackbarth vs. @howardkurtz

WINNER: @seanhackbarth

Since nobody wants to give the "Flavor Savor" a run for his money, he keeps cruising… although it might not last long. [insert razor]

@jmartpolitico vs. @ryangrim

WINNER: @ryangrim

It looks like JoMa’s internet connection at Chick-fil-a isn’t working anymore and Ryan Grim is too busy finalizing his book to play along. We’d like to give this one to the BO Teleprompter, but we can’t find anything in the bylaws about robots playing in the tourney. Grimster advances.

vs. @jaketapper

WINNER: @davidall

He wins because he is the revolution .  It looks like we’ll get the match-up we’ve all waited years for. David All advances and will face Michael Turk. Get ready ladies and gentlemen – we know Mr. All will bring his A-game and his "long tail" to this battle.

vs. @michaelturk

WINNER: @michaelturk

Genius or a violation of child labor laws? Whatever it is, Turk advances. He gets the cutest #FDC endorsement of tourney with two young superstars.