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It’s official:  The MSM can’t get enough of Twitter.  According to our unofficial report, 90% of news stories lately reference the words Twit, Tweet or Twitter.

Don’t believe us?  Proof is here, here and shark jump here .

It was also just last week when Politico’s Patrick Gavin crafted a quality piece of journalism that ranked DC’s top ten Twits.  We’re not quite sure what his magic formula for doing so was [insert the BCS controversy], considering he left out @thefix; one of DC’s favorite Twits.

And from the looks of it, the @TheFix ain’t happy about the snub.  [The Basketball Player vs. The Vespa Rider]

Despite the fact that Politico’s Patrick Gavin saw fit to exclude the Fix’s from his list of most influential Twitterers in Washington (slap in the face!), we persist and — dare we say it — thrive in our tweeting.

Gavin did however manage to bang out a pretty comprehensive list.

The Top Ten Twits in DC:

Karl Rove , Claire McCaskill , David Gregory , Barack Obama , Newt Gingrich , Ana Marie Cox , Chuck Grassley , Joe Trippi , Patrick Ruffini and Al Gore .

According to our readers, we’re not the only ones trying to figure out how Claire McCaskill made the list.  Not that we don’t appreciate our favorite politicians tweeting about dessert:

I confess.Big cheat on diet at dinner. Choclate mousse with raspberry sauce? I don’t think so.

But does that really make you an influential Tweeter?

We think the best way to figure out who the best DC/political Twits are is to let them battle it out in a March Madness style bracket.  For instance:

Mike Allen vs. Ryan Grim
David Gregory vs. Eric Cantor
David All
vs. Patrick Ruffini
Joe Trippi
vs. Karl Rove
John Culberson vs. Jesus
vs. Patrick Gavin

Head to head match-ups will be based on the following:

1. Number of actual tweets
2. Creativity
3. Interaction with other Twits
4. Stats complied from Twellow
4. oh, and @famousdc replies won’t hurt either

If you think you’re worthy or know somebody that is, drop their twitter handle in the box below and we’ll add them to the bracket.

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