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Week in Review

This week the WH began its search for summer interns, Luke Russert’s blackberry broke, Sen. Claire McCaskill cheated on her diet,  Obama announced plans to stimulate a few Wizards, Paul Begala struggled to find parking at the NGA event, former CT Governor-turned-prisoner John Rowland (R) roamed around the RGA dinner, Twitter jumped the shark, Doug Heye and Contessa Brewer became Facebook friends, the Senate got a hotdog machine, we divorced GoDaddy, the Omni was once again home to the Star Trek convention, Vanila Ice applied for a job at the RNC, midget tossing was legalized in the Philippines, Chris Matthews stepped in it, again and the chick that plays the new teacher on Gossip Girl helped the DNC ring in the first fundraiser of Obama’s presidency.

Did we miss anything?