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If you were under the impression that the 2010 election cycle was not yet under way, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee would like you to know that it is.  [busy signal]

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will launch a second round of automated phone calls targeting Republicans who opposed the stimulus package and could be at risk in 2010.

The calls attack seven freshmen, several of whom narrowly won their seats in 2008, for joining every other House Republican in voting against the package last week. The DCCC plans to highlight polls that suggest support is increasing for the economic stimulus legislation.

This leads us to ask the following questions to the DCCC, and whoever else is still using automated calls:

1. Do you hate caller ID as much as we think you do?
2. Is it true that 95% of the people who actually answer the phone are 85 and older?
3. Be honest, this has no impact whatsoever on the 2010 elections?

And in case you were wondering how much money was spent on these calls:

A spokesperson for the DCCC declined to detail the costs of the multi-pronged campaign.

Translation: About $45. But who wants to admit that?