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Last night the Washington Press Club Foundation hosted its 876th annual Congressional Dinner.  We hear the food was undercooked, but the entertainment was well done.

Some of the talent on stage to deliver the laughs included:  Sen. Klobuchar, Rep. McCarthy and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Below are the best jokes of the night.  h/t Fishbowlers

Rep. Kevin McCarthy:

“I heard that TurboTax bought a table tonight to promote their new Obama Cabinet edition version 9.0. It asks if you’ve been nominated for a Secretary position, and if you click Yes, the software just skips through the rest of the questions and calculates your refund, without any penalties.”

“How do you get John Boehner to cross the aisle? Hold a carton of Camel Ultra lights.”

“I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Tom Daschle for tonight’s limo service.”

“And on Joe Biden: the Messiah is supposed to ride into the city with an ass underneath him.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

“Times are so hard when Timothy Geithner gets a call from the NY Times, he doesn’t know if it’s for a story or a bailout.”

Speaker Pelosi also revealed President Obama and Rahm Emanuel’s email addresses, [email protected] and [email protected].

Sen. Amy Klobuchar:  [w/ the laugh of the night]

“I set an all-time United States Senate record- this is true: I raised $17,000 from ex-boyfriends. Speaker Pelosi, I may have the record in the Senate. But I know in the House, that record is held by Barney Frank.”

Yes, Barney Frank was in the audience – and probably laughed is ass off. [because he’s a good sport]