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Last night before the Super Bowl, President Obama got a nice treat – He had the privilege to sit down with NBC Political Director Chuck Todd Matt Lauer.

Lauer, who should win some sort of Pulitzer for his phenomenal journalistic instincts, [if he hasn’t already] spent most of the interview asking the President really, really hard questions – which honestly seemed a little unfair given the fact it was Super Bowl Sunday.

Fortunately for Obama, Lauer ran out of time and was unable to ask all of his questions.  But luckily for FDC readers, we we got a hold of the last five questions Matt did not get to ask.

Mr. President, what’s your favorite scented candle?
Can you dunk?
Can you ride your bike with no hands?
Do you like nachos?
Is that chair you’re sitting in comfortable – and if so, can I sit in your lap?

The one question Lauer did have time for, was when he repeatedly asked the President of the United States for his email address.  Not kidding.

He rejected Lauer’s entreaties to get his email address. “I like your son. I might give it to him. I’m not going to give it to you.”

But the best moment of the evening was when Lauer showed the President his nipple.  Actually that didn’t happen, but Matty asking Obama why he was cut from the cover of US Weekly did happen.  Hilarity ensues.

On being cut out of an Obama family photo on the cover of US Weekly to make room for a shot of Jessica Simpson: “It’s a little hurtful. … (Simpson’s) losing a weight battle apparently. Oh, well.”


Great work Lauer.  Keep it up.