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invite1Not that journos and press flacks need a reason to drink, but this Saturday night they have one.

Dave Winston, along with Myra Miller, John Feehery, Lee Johnson and Ron Bonjean are teaming up to throw Ken Spain and Brian Walsh a celebratory reception in honor of their new gigs.

A tipster tells us, although the two are friends, it’s clear that they have a love hate relationship.  Apparently it’s sort of like Bert and Ernie, but not as handsy.  We’re also guessing, if that’s the case, Mr. Walsh was probably not pleased that his named appeared second on the invite.

What’s More Important to Note: Our favorite band, The Frustrations, will be there to help the two press flacks celebrate.  And don’t worry, if you didn’t get a special invite, the doors open to the public at 10pm.

Look for us there.