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Remember that whole digital TV transition that’s supposed to take place this February?  You know, the one that we’ve been repeatedly warned about for the past six years?   Well, apparently there is some sort of hang up.  [dude, where’s my signal?]

According to sympathetic senators [Rockefeller and Klobuchar] both of who apparently still rock rabbit ears, there are a lot of Americans who aren’t quite ready for the switch.  And because the last thing the federal government wants to do is adhere to a self-imposed deadline, it’s likely that they won’t tell Joe Q. Public that 2,190 days was more than enough time to get to Best Buy in order to pick up a digital conversion box.

Beyond the serious nature of this mess, we find it interesting that some of the coverage has from from a chillier perspective.

According to a Congress Daily blurb that ran this morning, some DTV officials are not happy about the ensuing delay because of the millions of dollars that have already been spent educating aboriginal Alaskans.

“… Whitewashing all references to Feb. 17 in circulation on the Internet, television and brochures is impossible. The FCC has issued brochures about it in languages from Amharic to Yupik, a dialect spoken by aboriginal Alaskans.”

We also hear that the cast of Golden Girls won’t stop calling the DTV team.  They’re wondering what the digital switch means in terms of continued syndication.  Apparently they have a huge following in Alaska.