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paterson.jpgIf he thought he was unpopular yesterday, wait until New York Governor Paterson sees the polls tomorrow.

Yesterday, Paterson unveiled his latest budget – a proposal that included tax hikes on literally everything.  Just a few of the items being taxed:  Smokes, cabs, hookers, booze, ice picks, movie tickets, Chihuahua puppies, chocolate-covered strawberries, gonorrhea, trampolines, iPods, crack, Italian food and black market Asian babies.

Paterson basically decided to tax everything except Mountain Dew.  [hey kids, we’re going shopping in Jersey!]

Last person to leave the state; don’t forget to turn out the lights.

UPDATE:  Scratch that, he apparently decided to tax Mountain Dew as well.

UPDATE II: “…wait until NY Governor hears the polls tomorrow.”  Our bad.