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If you’ve ever watched Sesame Street for more than twelve minutes, you quickly realized that Bert doesn’t really enjoy Ernie’s company.  The same goes for Nancy Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel.  The two might smile together in public, but their hatred runs deep.

In a recent conversation, Emanuel tried to offer the speaker some advice on a House Democratic leadership race. “Pelosi’s response, according to several Democratic sources: It is ‘an internal House Democratic Caucus matter, and we’ll handle it.’  [damn straight]

According to Politico’s Huddle, Queen Nance is laying down the law with Rahm and recently even left him a list of her demands.  The list, which strangely wasn’t entirely published in Politico, is featured exclusively here at FDC.

No surprises
No backdoor deals
No front door deals
No whammies
No more sending singing telegrams via a gaggle of midgets to my office
No more giving Barney Frank wet willies
No more Botox jokes
No vacationing with Rangel
No more appliance shopping with the Louisiana delegation
No more half-fingered salutes
No more having your brother call me when I’m in California
No more wearing your “I worked in the White House” t-shirt at my office
No more George Stephanopoulos name dropping. Yes, we all know.
No more yelling, “LLOYD!” during meetings to crack up the staff
No shoe tossing (people are catching on)
No more asking if Devin Hester can work in my office
No more saying that Jenn Crider agrees with your point of view
No name calling, especially the ones that begin with the letter F
No more emails w/ a subject line: “IL Senate Seat”
No more meaningless notes from your President Elect Obama stationary
No shoes, no shirt, no service