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On Saturday night, Ron Bonjean, along with his wife Sara and about 50 other hill wonks, hosted the annual “Twas the 12th Night Before Christmas” party.

Hosts included:

Ron and Sara Bonjean, Lisa Miller, Kyle Downey, Brian Walsh, Rob Collins, Ryan Loskarn, Stephen Replogle, Scott Corley, Dan Ronayne, Myra Miller, Doug Heye, Amy Lorenzini, Brendan Shields, Kevin Madden, Moira Bagley, Kevin Sheridan, Jason Roe and Trey Bohn.

Spotted at the party according to Sir Patrick Gavin:

Aaron Blake, Alex Bolton, Amber Wilkerson, Amie Parnes, Phil Singer and Kim Molstre, Ann Marie Hauser, Anna Edney, Anne Schroeder Mullins and Luke Mullins, Ben Pershing and his wife, Brian Doherty, Chad Pergram, Chris and Rachel Taylor, Christian Bourge, Dan Ronayne, Dick Keil, Don McGahn, Jaclyn Norris Madden, Emily Kryder, Emily Lawrimore, Erin McPike, Gail Gitcho, Hadley Gamble, Heather Smith, Ianthe Zabel, Jackie Kucinich, Jared Allen, Jay Newton Small, Jordan Stoick, Josh Holmes, Justine Redman, Kara Rowland, Kasie Hunt, Ken Mehlman, Ken Spain, Marcie Kinzel, Maria Comella, Mark Preston, Michael Steel, Nelson Lewis, Patrick O’Connor, Paul Kane, Paul Lindsay, Pepper Pennington, Quinn McCord, Reid Wilson, Richard Miniter, Rob Collins, Ryan Loskarn, Sam Youngman, Sarah Pompei, Scott Stanzel, Shannon Flaherty and Don McGahn, Shira Toeplitz, Jillian Bandes, Sam Youngman, Stephen Dinan, Taylor Griffin, Chris Stirewalt and his wife Mary, Tim Curran, Todd Harris, Tom Williams, Tory Mazzola, Trent Luckinbill, Trey Bohn, Tucker Bounds, Ryan Patmintra, Jim and Autumn VandeHei, Will Kinzel, Walter Alarkon and Emily Goodin.

Spotted at the party according to Gossip Queen Anne Schroeder Mullins:

Others seen: Rachel Bauer Taylor and Chris Taylor, J.B. Billimoira, Michael Steel, Tim Curran, Ben and Beth Pershing, Lauren Poplawski, Lindsey Williams, Tucker Bounds, Matt Englehart, Dick Keil, Rob and Susan Collins, Sean Spicer, Maria Comella, Brianne Kohs, Christian Bourge, Erin McPike, Taylor Griffin, Todd Harris, Jen Hing and John Scofield, Mark Preston, Marcie and Will Kinzel, the scariest elf we’ve ever seen, Chris Walker, John Goodwin, Shannon Flaherty, Justine Redman, Frank Coleman, Chad Pergram, Tom Wilkins, Paul Kane, Nick Simpson and roughly 442 others, including a few who have to interview for jobs this week with some of the hosts. Let’s hope they remained sober. Unlikely.

Not spotted at the party:  A shoe-throwing Iraqi, Michael Phelps, Rob Blago, Dick Trickle and the cast of the Partridge Family.  Other than that, pretty much everyone who has appeared on MSNBC, FOX and CNN in the past 24 months was in attendance.  We even hear Wolf Blitzer dressed as an elf.