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We at FamousDC love us some Mike Allen’s Playbook. We love that it cuts our morning reading in half, that it mentions our friends, that it gives us sports updates but most importantly – we love that it saves us the trouble of remembering the birthday’s of our nearest and dearest.

But Mike Allen is a busy man – and we know he can’t possible remember all of those important dates … good thing he has Matt Mackowiak  (hat tip: Matt Mackowiak) to remember them for him! For what we are sure are completely altruistic reasons and without the use of social networking devices,  Matt toils endlessly to make sure that Mike remembers the birthdays of absolutely everyone in D.C.  and as a result shoulders the burden of having his name appear in Playbook three, four, even FIVE times a week.

Matt, you are an incredible American … and for that FamousDC salutes and hat tips you.