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We here at FamousDC get a huge kick out of reading blog posts, articles and rants about how the internet plays a role in politics.  And while we don’t take Twitter as seriously as we do religion, [like some pundits] we do value everyone’s opinion.

With that said, we have taken issue with an email that recently showed up in our inbox.

A FamousDC reader wrote this:

I recently read an article by Katie Harbath and think she’s spot on. [Especially re; the Bob Dylan stuff :)]  What do you think?

Unsure as to why we were randomly pitched asked this, but we bit …

Dear FamousDC Reader,

Thanks for sending the article and reading our blog.  While we appreciate and value all opinions from the left and right, we’ve taken issue with one particular point Harbath makes:

There is no age limit on who can be a member of communities on the Internet and be involved.

This is patently false.  Trust us, much like the highway has speed limits, the information super highway has an age limit. We don’t know what it is, but if you’ve ever tried to explain the concept of “social networks” to a 90 year-old, it’s a perfectly worthless endeavor.

90 year-olds care about things like bingo, jello, and naps.  They have more of an interest in bedpan technology than they do web 2.0 technology.

But that’s just us.  Thanks again for writing.