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The US Chamber party is full.  Proof is below.

From: congressionalevents@uschamber.com
To: ——————————
Sent: Tue Dec 09 15:26:08 2008
Subject: Cancel Confirmation

Thank you for your interest in the U.S. Chamber 2008 Holiday Reception.

We regret that restrictions on the size of this year’s gathering prevent us from inviting everyone we would like to have in attendance. The Holiday Reception will be by invitation-only from 6-8pm and at this late date our guest list is already full.

If you have been invited to the reception and believe that your registration has been cancelled in error, please forward your email invitation to CongressionalEvents@USChamber.com.

Issues related to registration will only be addressed through CongressionalEvents@USChamber.com.

Can’t they just get a bigger room?   Oh, wait – we’re in a recession, nevermind.

*As for the misspelled word in their email, we feel their pain; we do that on a daily basis.