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Some gossip is just so delicious we can’t pass it up.  Below is an example.

About a month ago, our friend the Pumpernickel, posted about a recent date she went on.  It seems as if the date went great, up until the point she found out which team he played for.

“So my question now is this. What happens when you find yourself face to face with a perfectly nice, attractive, interesting human being. You have good conversation and good food. And then, the last words you expect to hear: I’m a Republican.”

Damn.  We’ll just assume she’s got a very large, liberal father at home who makes a living out of intimidating Vineyard Vines wearing Republicans.

Her post continued:

Short term might be fun, but in the long run I wonder if a difference in party is indicative of a more serious difference in world outlook.

So how does this story end?  Like most train wrecks, abruptly.  Unfortunately for Joe Republican, Pumpernickel recently revealed to us that she refused the critical “third date.”

But just when she thought this story was over, the below comment popped up on her blog yesterday.

“How extraordinarily arrogant of you! Rest assured, with an attitude like yours, you’re judged just as harshly as you so apparently judge others. I pity people like you. You can’t get over your self-concern long enough to appreciate some of the amazing people that populate this world.”

It continued, but only after they pointed out that she had terrible grammar.  [douche]

God forbid you open yourself up to someone who might make you challenge, reaffirm, or even defend your personal ideals. The possibility that you might have friends is amazing! You say he’s nice, attractive, and an interesting human being…. how absolutely sad and shallow of you that his political identity would hinder your interest in him beyond what you’ve already listed as positive points. I hope he never wastes his time or money on you again.

So who penned this anonymous rant in her comment section nearly a month after she posted about her dating life?  Our guess, the same young man that shelled out money for dates number one and two.  Pumpernickel agrees.

Anybody else looking to air some dirty laundry?  [Your friend’s laundry works too] Email us at [email protected].