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Back when Alaska’s favorite lady was on the campaign trail, she got some flap about her high-priced wardrobe.  Since then, Palin has made it clear that she was not use to wearing such nice things and even said “she couldn’t wait to return to her consignment shop back in Anchorage.”

Vintageur, DC’s latest fashion blog asks, “think she’ll do it?”

Who knows, but what’s funny is the thought of anything fashionable, beyond hunting jackets and fur skin caps, coming out of a consignment shop in Alaska.

Now, Vintageur [what does that mean anyway?] is running a fun little contest:  “How would you dress Sarah Palin?” – And has asked FamousDC to participate. [oh, boy]

CHALLENGE: Using Polyvore, create your ideal outfit for Sexy Sarah now that she is back lookin’ at Russia from her house! Bonus for using vintage/consignment/thrift items.

Our entry is below.  We call this ensemble, “Take that McCain staffers.”

If you want in on the contest, be sure to click here.  We promise hill staffers; it’ll waste at least 15 minutes of your day.