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Now that the election is over and we don’t need a gaggle of reporters following every poll, statement, or press conference, what will happen to some of our favorites bloggers, pundits, and reporters?

Luckily, FamousDC spent the past few days tracking down the next career moves and they’re below:

Will JoMa give up a solid career at Politico and follow his heart?
Who will help Keith Olbermann pack his things shortly before getting a show of their own?
Who will end up completely out of journalism?
Who will likely replace their head shot with a mug shot?
Who will likely end up on Comedy Central roasting D-List celebrities?
Who will likely get married and divorced before the new President is sworn in, thanks to a four day stint in Sin City?
Who will be the big player for the mid term elections?
Besides the Fix, who will end up next to Helen Thomas?
Who will take a well earned vacation and just not return?
Who’s on the trading blocks?  Are there any blockbuster deals in the mix?

Stay tuned for more…