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Starbucks get’s an “A” for effort, but an “F” for failing to run this idea by anyone in their legal department.

Seattle-based Starbucks is making fast changes — after being accused of breaking the law with an offer to voters.  [our bad]

Prior to Monday afternoon, Starbucks was promoting an ad that said anyone who says enters a Starbucks on Election Day and says that they voted would get a free cup of tall coffee.

Apparently this is more of a “hot” issue than it is a “cold” one, because after doing a little research we learned Ben & Jerry’s stores are doing what seems to be the same thing.

As if you needed a reason to do your civic duty, but free ice cream don’t hurt nothin’. “Come to participating scoop shops on November 4 from 5 to 8 p.m., show us you voted and you’ll get a free scoop of ice cream. Show us your ‘I Voted’ sticker, a photo of you in front of your polling station, do the ‘I Voted dance,’ or just tell us you voted.” Hmm. Those guidelines seem pretty lax. I predict a rampant amount of ice cream fraud the evening of the election.