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We have no idea if the below blurb is true, but if so, it’s likely going to freak some people out.  Just saying.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to interview hologram strategists on election night

wolf.jpgAs the news networks spend oodles of cash in order to one-up the other with whiz-bang visuals and mind-melting charts, CNN is looking to blow just about everyone else away. As election night officially kicks off in just a few hours, the network’s Wolf Blitzer will be conducting interviews with faraway strategists not via the traditional two-pane window, but by hologram. Believe it or not, professionals in Chicago and Phoenix will be beamed live to CNN’s New York studios in order to give viewers a look at Wolf and a ghostly counterpart. Granted, this is far from the first holographic / 3D interview we’ve seen, but it is rather impressive given the scenario. In related news, we’re also told that FOX News will be touting a “giant wall with touch-screen technology [that] will provide electoral map results,” which hopefully translates in geek speak to “Surface.”

h/t Engadget via RH